"With the very first Dancing With Money group session, my health business increased 10%, then 25%, then 50%! After each group session my business increased. New business opportunities required professional hires and more production help. My health product requests expanded to hospitals in the area. I have taken every course Dr. Allen has offered. Work the LIFE4 System and you’ll get the same results!"

B.M., TX

"After a series of private coaching sessions with Autymn Renee, my daily income quickly doubled. As an Independent Contractor I attracted clients willing to pay more than double my old rate. During this time, I booked three different weeks with two different clients at three times my day rate plus expenses. My peak single day income with overtime was four times my day rate. Autymn Renee’s Life4 coaching really works and I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to improve their financial situation and relationship with money."

B.K., Texas

"I first heard about Autymn Renee through some of her in person workshop participants. They had obtained significant positive results in their personal finances shortly after completing the workshop. At the time, I was involved in a legal battle and was asking for a $100,000. settlement. Autymn Renee said we could address any blocks in my personal system to the flow of money & wealth. I signed up for a personal coaching session that lasted about 3 ½ hours. The work was challenging and involved clearing various blocks and self-sabotaging patterns around money, wealth & self-worth. Two days later I met with the opposing side in an informal meeting and they agreed to the $100,000 settlement. I received the $100,000 check about 5-days later. I would highly recommend Autymn Renee’s personal coaching and/or her classes on wealth consciousness. "

S. H., MO

Available Courses & Memberships

All DIVINE LIFE ACADEMY courses are based on the LIFE4 Coaching process that uses quantum physics and neuroplasticity of the brain. Our perspective is that everything in the universe is energy and human intelligence directs spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energies. Our responsibility is to align our consciousness on many levels with the Divine Life energies in order to manifest our optimal life in this world.

LIFE4 Coaching System TRAINING I - Foundations

LIFE to the 4th Power Coaching System is unique and special due to its' perspective and approach to change. Change is...

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