About Us

As Founder & CEO of DIVINE LIFE ACADEMY and the LIFE4 Coaching System, I show people how to make the changes necessary to create the life they want for themselves. Whether the issue is money, relationships, health or business/activities, changing your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical orientation and energies is the key.

LIFE to the 4th power stands for Life Integration For Enlightenment, Equanimity, Empowerment & Enjoyment. The LIFE4 Coaching System has been a lifetime in the making. As a former educator, therapist, coach, minister and sales professional, I developed LIFE4 System to assist people to make real, lasting change in their lives whether that is more money for a better lifestyle, feel more secure, feel wealthy, or to experience better health and energy, or to create and maintain better relationships personally or in business.

LIFE4 ACADEMY is your opportunity  for not only real, lasting change but accelerated change through courses and subscriptions offered. Instead of months or years to change your money situation, your health condition or your relationships, even your business progress, you make changes immediately because YOU are changing you.

I show you how to change your energies to achieve your dreams, whatever the dream - quit your current job, buy a new house, pay for college, take that dream family vacation, optimize your health, expand your business, optimize your relationships, travel in retirement.